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Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Amplifying the voices of women and girls who were abused by police instead of protected.
Each and every one of us deserves to be heard.
So, let’s show every police force that it isn’t just ‘one bad apple’, but their culture. We need structural and systemic changes to address the institutionalised misogyny and the closing of ranks. We need it to change. Now.

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Freya | Domestic violence, rape and child abuse

I was married to a violent and abusive police officer. They pushed me out in front of a car when I was 5 months’ pregnant. They abused me physically, sexually, psychologically, and financially. I was not allowed to spend my own money. I was so coercively controlled by them, I

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Survivor | Police officer relationship

I was a new police officer and was drawn into a relationship with a married officer who trained me. He coercively controlled me. Mentally and emotionally abused me. Isolated me. Financially abused me. I couldn’t report it because he had made sure our colleagues hated me and I wouldn’t have

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| Stripped by a male officer in cells

I was arrested for being drunk and disorderly on a train and booked into custody, had all my possessions removed and put into a cell in my clothes (T-shirt and jeans) About two hours afterwards, two male police officers said that I had to remove my clothes and put on

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Jane | Reporting rape to police

While giving a statement about a rape to two Police Scotland officers one officer wrote the statement down while the other officer fell asleep. It made me feel worthless and insignificant. Constabulary: Police Scotland Timespan: Several years ago Did you report it to the police?: Yes Your ethnicity: White British

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Natalie | unsolicited dick pic

A guy I’d flirted with on and off for a few years – a friend of a friend. We were text messaging each other. Just chatting – there’d been nothing sexual, no dates or even meeting up. I remember being sat in my living room watching tv and about to

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Natalie | we dated for 12 weeks

I met him on a dating app, I can’t remember which one. I know now that there were red flags that I either ignored, didn’t see or didn’t realise were red flags at the time. He was full on immediately. He told me he loved that I was a “real

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Marissa | Sexual assault of a young drunk girl in Macdonalds

This is not about me but a school ‘friend’ who is a police officer. He has ‘bragged’ to me in the past about various indiscretions and sexualised behaviour towards female colleagues including having an affair (he is married) with a much younger colleague which lasted a few months.About two years

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Victoria | Child abuse

I am now in my 50s, but over 40 years ago I was sexually abused over the course of several years by a retired police officer who lived near us. He was trusted and respected by everyone, including my parents, which is partly what enabled him to continue the abuse

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Poppy |

I was in a relationship with a Police Officer who became violent after the birth of our child. Looking back with more mature eyes, I can now recognise coercive control from the very start; but younger me did not. He first punched me hard in the back, between my shoulder

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Jessica | Won’t take no for an answer

I worked with a civilian employee of the police force. We got on well at work and I considered him a friend. He got a new job and we would occasionally message. When he found my long term partner and I had broken up, his messages increased in frequency and

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Deedee |

I am a serving officer and I experienced sexual harassment that was brushed under the rug. We had been put together for the day on patrols. He was the sergeant for the neighbouring area (we had never met before) and he spent the day asking me sexually explicit things, telling

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