We've Been Let Down

Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Other women and girls have been let down, too. By police officers’ responses after reporting the violence and abuse they’ve been subjected to by men. We also recognise that it’s not just the police but also other areas of the criminal justice system that fails women and girls, including the CPS and the judiciary.

So, this page is to hear, acknowledge and amplify those voices.

Trigger Warning for site content

*Please note that stories submitted here are moderated so it could take a little time before we publish them to the site – please bear with us!

Stalked by ex | Stalked by ex

Speaking on behalf of a friend – she has been stalked for several years by her ex-boyfriend. Harassing her and tracking her. She has tried all means herself to protect herself and resolve the situation. Finally she spoke with Hampshire Constabulary and after a string of inconsistent appointments, staff changes

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Phoenix | Gaslight by normalised mysogyny

This isn’t about inappropriate sexualised behaviour, but I do see this incident as part of the problem of crimes against women and girls and the way police are normalising abuse. I called the police whilst my boyfriend at the time was going apesh*t crazy and was punching holes in my

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| Misogyny from a female police officer

I was a child when I was groomed and sexual abused/exploited and raped. I would regularly go missing and when I had the courage to report what had happened a male officer from GMP had said what I was describing to him sounded like I wanted it despite me saying

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Jane Doe | They destroyed my life.

I reported a crime. The officers were racist and misogynistic. I made a complaint. The complaint was sent to that officers team. So they destroyed my life. This sums it up. There is a lot of detail. They spent a lot of time and effort doing this and made up

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Annie | Elderly and Disabled Women are ignored

I am chronically ill and disabled, and had always been very close to my Mum who was 81. She became bedridden, paralysed and had fluctuating mental capacity following a fall in which she broke her spine. She lived with her second husband. I employed a care company to visit Mum

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Rachel | Rape of teenager covered up

I was at a party of a 14 year old girl when suddenly we realised nobody had seen her for a while she had been quite drunk so people started looking for her. She was found in an upstairs bedroom with 4 boys aged 15-19 some in a state of

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Yorkshire | Sexual Assault ignored

I was sexually assaulted by my employer and when I reported it to the police they said I had made it up because he was a popular business man and I was 17. He was a manipulative predator who also had ties with the Asian community and helped them fiddle

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Katherine | unlikely prosecution

This year I reported two rapes. Since then, I found out in my medical records that the police have decided that they’re very unlikely to be prosecuted. But they haven’t even taken my statement. My words mean nothing even before they are spoken. Constabulary: N/A or Prefer not to say

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Jane | Reporting rape to police

While giving a statement about a rape to two Police Scotland officers one officer wrote the statement down while the other officer fell asleep. It made me feel worthless and insignificant. Constabulary: Police Scotland Timespan: Several years ago Did you report it to the police?: Yes Your ethnicity: White British

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Dark Table | Christmas weapons raid

In 1995 my step dad was recommended to a counsellor for depression. In the first session he admitted to her that he had loaded guns and knives in the flat where he lived with me and my mum. I was eight years old at the time, and had already experienced

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Muddles | Closing ranks

In 2007 I was assaulted by an employer I was a free-lancer for. A month later I developed a UTI and haematuria, so I visited my GP, first disclosure. The GP was only concerned that I report to the police, this took up most of the appointment, talking about reporting.

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Poppy | Domestic abuse

I got attacked by my ex partner and rang 999. It took them an hour to get to me. 3 men came and was nice however they didn’t offer me to stay in my property, they didn’t offer a restraining order and it was dropped due to lack of evidence.

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Poppy | The Met let me down

I was drugged and raped on a Friday night. On the Saturday I went to Essex police who were amazing and took great care of me. They also let me make decisions. The next day the Met rung me and was pushing me to let them start investigating. I told

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