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Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Amplifying the voices of women and girls who were abused by police instead of protected.
Each and every one of us deserves to be heard.
So, let’s show every police force that it isn’t just ‘one bad apple’, but their culture. We need structural and systemic changes to address the institutionalised misogyny and the closing of ranks. We need it to change. Now.

Trigger Warning for site content

*Please note that stories submitted here are moderated so it could take a little time before we publish them to the site – please bear with us!

Freya | Domestic violence, rape and child abuse

I was married to a violent and abusive police officer. They pushed me out in front of a car when I was 5 months’ pregnant. They abused me physically, sexually, psychologically, and financially. I was not allowed to spend my own money. I was so coercively controlled by them, I

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Alice | Abused by police

My ex husband who was abusive asked his police friend to call the police on me, the police came to my house and beat me up there and then. They then took me to the station where they left me naked for several hours with the cell door open and

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#wontbesilent | Story of corruption

I have a story about senior police officers in Manchester [ranks redacted for legal reasons] and [redacted for legal reasons] creating a report to cover up their officer PC from not recording an attempted rape which was reported in 2020. Senior officer [redacted for legal reasons] would try and frame

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Justice4me | Police assault

After 48 years of silence I told the police I was molested. They interviewed the pedophiles and one claimed he never met me despite him being my cousin and he was at our home most weeks. They failed to investigate properly. Christmas my sons received Christmas cards from one of

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Lucy | PC assaulted me when I was 14

A PC aged 33 at the time, married into the family. I was a teenager, 14. There were a lot of red flags that couldn’t really be read by someone so young. Sometimes there would be other police officers around & they would make weird comments about my body &

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Starbright | Pulled over at night, age 16

First, a police officer pulled me over late one night. I was 16, almost 17. I was driving home along the highway between Kihei and Wailuku, which ran through the sugar cane fields. We left Maui less than a year afterward but at the time I was still in Hawaii.

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| Strip searched!

I was a young 16 year old girl back in the 80’s and got arrested for an offence that to this day I still do not know what for. I was detained for over 7 hours and not given access to a phone call or even a solicitor. I was

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Louise | Sexual assault

I was walking out of a club when a man I didn’t know reached under my skirt and underwear and grabbed me. I was furious about the incident. The people I was with knew him, and someone very close to me told me he was a police officer. He was

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Kelly | Failings of South Wales Police

I met my future husband, a South Wales Police Officer in 2000. He was 15 years my senior. I was unaware that prior to him joining the police residents in the local community had reported their concerns to police about the risk he posed to young females. I was also

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Flying | Coercive control, financial abuse

  Married to an officer for over 10 years. Attempted to leave multiple times. Was threatened with being done for child kidnapping if I left with the kids and child abandonment if I dared leave without them. Eventually they were arrested for assaulting me and removed from the home- but

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Milly |

  I married a police officer in the 1970s He was abusive, physical and emotional. He was a firearms officer and threatened me and the children. I called the police endlessly, as did neighbours. It was I that was threatened. He stayed in his job, I had a complete breakdown.

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Jay | GMP failures and corruption

  My husband is a narcissist. He has abused me psychologically, emotionally, financially and sexually. I have been raped, sexually assaulted, harassed, stalked, gaslighted and controlled, all reported to GMP yet nothing has been done as I am in the unfortunate position of my husband working for the same force.

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