Artypants | Child abuse survivor bullied and abused by Police

I was severely physically, sexually and psychologically abused by my wealthy family from birth until the age of 16 and beyond. From the start, they used their wealth and status to co-opt the Police into the abuse; so from 13 years old right up to the present the Police have not only repeatedly refused to investigate my ‘ family’s ‘ crimes but they have also ‘lost’ information and evidence, bullied, coercively controlled, intimidated, abused and threatened me, questioned my motives, lied to my solicitor and actively suppressed these crimes in every possible way; including refusing to share information with other forces both here and overseas for the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable people where my abusers now reside. The result is that I live in fear every day; knowing that I won’t be able to call the Police for help if my abusers target me again- and also that if my ‘family’ told the Police to falsely arrest me and beat me to death in a police cell to stop me from talking about the childhood abuse, then they would actually do it.

The Police are also holding a ‘psychiatric report’ about me that I have never seen, do not know who wrote or paid for it, what it says or how the Police are using that information without my knowledge or consent; so they are highly likely to be illegally using this information to further undermine my case by writing me off as a ‘crazy woman’ who should simply not be believed.

Yet more coercive control, victim- blaming, lies, exploitation and abuse from the very people who were and are supposed to protect me; treating me as if I am not even a human being.

Constabulary: North Yorkshire Police

Timespan: 1986 to 2024

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Do you want to revisit this with the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: Prefer not to say

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Thoughts/feelings

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010?: Yes


illustration by Danny Noble

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