Beau | Sexual assault by special Constable/driving instructor

I was sexually assaulted over a period of two weeks on an intensive driving course. I reported it to the police and DVSA for him to admit what he did, BUT he twisted it making out I came on to him. He lied, he took advantage of a vulnerable female. This man took me to remote locations knowing damn well there was no cameras or witnesses. He would shout at me one minute for driving faults, then the next minute he would be touching me pulling at my clothing groping my leg whilst at traffic lights. Lots more happened but I won’t go into graphic details groping me in private areas. After he was arrested it came to light that he was a special Constable for the police. I didn’t have a clue I was so shocked I could barely speak. I can’t believe that the police are not taking what he did seriously, as it’s his word against mine even though he admitted the offence but made out it was some romance (it never was). It was unwanted and I said please can you not do this to me I’m trying to drive. I just hope nothing bad happens in the future the thought of calling the police and him turning up at my door is a No! I would rather suffer a crime than ever go through this treatment from the police. I was not offered any support from the police regarding this. I had to find my own support and an Isva. Please if you’re going through something this awful know there is help out there for victims. There is an Isva service out there that will help you. In all honesty I wish I had never reported it the stress and mental impact hasn’t been worth it. What makes me feel sick is that he’s still out there working for the police with vulnerable people. Please be careful out there the police seem to not care about victims.

Constabulary: N/A or Prefer not to say

Timespan: 1 year ago

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Do you want to revisit this with the police?: No

Could you tell us why not?:

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Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Thoughts/feelings

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