Freya | Domestic violence, rape and child abuse

I was married to a violent and abusive police officer. They pushed me out in front of a car when I was 5 months’ pregnant. They abused me physically, sexually, psychologically, and financially. I was not allowed to spend my own money. I was so coercively controlled by them, I was still timing my visits to the supermarket even after I left him. In the end, I feared he would kill me. He had threatened me with a knife and I rang 999 but the police just ‘had words’ with him. When I tried to leave him, he raped me. He was also aggressive to our children and mistreated our dog. The two men I dated afterwards were both intimidated by the police officer’s colleagues when neither had ever been stopped by a police officer before. I’ve never been able to get any kind of justice.

Constabulary: Devon and Cornwall Police

Timespan: In the 1990s

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Have you experienced suicidality due to this? Attempted suicide more than once

Are you defined as disabled under the Equality Act 2010? Yes

illustration by Danny Noble

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