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Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Amplifying the voices of women and girls who were abused by police instead of protected.
Each and every one of us deserves to be heard.
So, let’s show every police force that it isn’t just ‘one bad apple’, but their culture. We need structural and systemic changes to address the institutionalised misogyny and the closing of ranks. We need it to change. Now.

Trigger Warning for site content

*Please note that stories submitted here are moderated so it could take a little time before we publish them to the site – please bear with us!

Helen | Former prostitute raped

My mother shared with me a story that haunted her. She lived in West London in the late 1960s in a flat. There was a young family who lived above her. The young mother was reported to have worked as a prostitute in the past, but she had settled down

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Linds | We fell in love then were thrown away

The police closed off our cul-de-sac in [redaction made for legal reasons] while an armed siege took place for several days nearby. They came to each house, and my sister and I who were [redaction made for legal reasons] and had not had any relationships got friendly with 2 officers

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Tara | They wanted me naked

I was a teenager, asleep in my then boyfriend’s bed when they raided his house. Nothing was found, but I had been sleeping without any clothes on. I was ordered up and out of the bed and told to stand against the wall. As they searched his room, for over

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Just 16 | My boyfriend’s father

I was just 16 and loved my 17 year old boyfriend very much. His father was a Police Officer and his police dog lived in their house too. He’d had a very public affair and I’m not sure his marriage was good but boyfriend’s mum was lovely and I enjoyed

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Ashamed | I never knew this was rape

I was going out with a man who was a police officer [senior rank – redacted for legal reasons] in the army. He worked in undercover policing on drugs cases and other serious crimes. I woke up in the night and he was already inside me. I’d been asleep. I

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| Minimisation of child sexual abuse

Whilst walking to school one morning when I was 14, I was sexually abused by a stranger. Although I reported it when I got to school, and the police were called, they didn’t come to take my statement until that evening and two male police officers were sent. They questioned

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Mya Truth | Rape by arresting officer

On my 18th birthday I was arrested along with a male friend for possession of cannabis. It was the first time I had ever been arrested. While on bail the arresting officer told me he would make sure I only received a caution for my offence if I slept with

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Fanny Fanackapan | Drug dealer cop

I was in an abusive relationship and introduced to class a drugs by a police officer in 2003. I met him when I was a victim of crime. He was fired but never faced any criminal charges. NOTW ran my story but made into a joke. It took years to

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Theresa | Abused by on duty police officer

I was abused three times by an on duty senior police officer [redaction of rank made for legal reasons]. He used my vulnerability as a previously abused child to groom me and take me to car parks where he digitally raped and sexually assaulted me. Constabulary: Surrey Police Timespan: 1991

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Betrayed | Trafficked by metropolitan police officer

Though I lived in a nice home in a middle-class area, I was sexually exploited through my childhood by my father, and with my mother’s knowledge. I was trafficked to family members, family friends and acquaintances, and was badly injured at times with no medical attention. One avenue for exploitation

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Sarah | Gwent Police (redaction made for legal reasons)

Despite harassment orders being served on him after complaints from previous women, a police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) was allowed to stay in his post as a police officer who trained young recruits. This was how I met him. Two years of abusive and controlling behaviour ensued, ending

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4LeafClover | Police failures / misconduct/abuse

After reporting domestic abuse due to a significant physical assault where I was nearly killed by a partner at the time, I was faced with a male police officer who smirked at me and appeared despondent. Being confused as to whether he took my allegations seriously or not, I knew

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Brownie | Sexual assault

I was the victim of sexual assault outside a pub where I did not give my consent. The police who attended on the night were great but the detectives the following day were patronising and basically told me that because I was drunk, I might as well just ‘chalk it

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Sarah | Neighbours from hell: Police Officer and his wife

From 2001 to the present myself and my family have been victims of physical assault, harassment, criminal damage, stalking, verbal assault, intimidation and defamation from a now-retired police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) from Thames Valley Police and his wife.In 2001, a few years after the PC moved in,

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