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Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Amplifying the voices of women and girls who were abused by police instead of protected.
Each and every one of us deserves to be heard.
So, let’s show every police force that it isn’t just ‘one bad apple’, but their culture. We need structural and systemic changes to address the institutionalised misogyny and the closing of ranks. We need it to change. Now.

Trigger Warning for site content

*Please note that stories submitted here are moderated so it could take a little time before we publish them to the site – please bear with us!

Sarah | Gwent Police (redaction made for legal reasons)

Despite harassment orders being served on him after complaints from previous women, a police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) was allowed to stay in his post as a police officer who trained young recruits. This was how I met him. Two years of abusive and controlling behaviour ensued, ending

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4LeafClover | Police failures / misconduct/abuse

After reporting domestic abuse due to a significant physical assault where I was nearly killed by a partner at the time, I was faced with a male police officer who smirked at me and appeared despondent. Being confused as to whether he took my allegations seriously or not, I knew

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Brownie | Sexual assault

I was the victim of sexual assault outside a pub where I did not give my consent. The police who attended on the night were great but the detectives the following day were patronising and basically told me that because I was drunk, I might as well just ‘chalk it

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Sarah | Neighbours from hell: Police Officer and his wife

From 2001 to the present myself and my family have been victims of physical assault, harassment, criminal damage, stalking, verbal assault, intimidation and defamation from a now-retired police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) from Thames Valley Police and his wife.In 2001, a few years after the PC moved in,

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| Stalker is the son of a policeman

I was being stalked online by the son of a policeman. Everytime I would block the account they would create a new one across every platform I was on. Facebook, instagram, dating websites. I knew I couldn’t report it as he had previously raped girls and his dad made sure

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Sandra | Sgt perp

Partner is a Sgt and is extremely controlling and high levels of gaslighting. Has a short fuse and temper and will constantly use this to intimidate me and petrified to report due to our positions in the force. He’s been reported before but no action, they protect each other and

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Susie | Intimidation after sexual assault and GBH

Ex-partner sexually abused me, caused GBH injuries, criminal damage and strangulation to point of unconsciousness and urinating.Lone male officer attended, got very aggressive towards me and backed into a corner, told I wouldn’t be giving a statement and that I should not be so flirty with my ex-partner if I

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Helen | Odd stop when driving

I was driving back from visiting family, to the flat I was living in at the time (as I was part way through my studies). I was told that I’d been stopped for driving dangerously and needed to show ID. I was asked if I had been drinking. I explained

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Susan | Naming your body parts

As a student, I was walking home with my flatmate in east end of London after a bonfire party, we were bundled up with scarves, coats and hats. A naked man ran up behind me and grabbed me, putting his hand between my legs. After a bit of a scuffle

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Miffy | “We see you…”

I am one of the many people who complained about the political and intimidating behaviour of whoever runs the Police LGBT+ Network Twitter account. The main trigger was a tweet from the account in Feb 2021 responding to comments from the public about the account’s political statements re trans identifying

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Beryl | The thin female blue line

The following happened to me as a serving police officer. Female officers including myself referred to as “split” – That Split over there. I asked what they meant and was told split arse. At an initial briefing at a murder enquiry in a room of 30 people , only 2

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Freya | Domestic violence, rape and child abuse

I was married to a violent and abusive police officer. They pushed me out in front of a car when I was 5 months’ pregnant. They abused me physically, sexually, psychologically, and financially. I was not allowed to spend my own money. I was so coercively controlled by them, I

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