Chantelle | Police let me down an ethnic minority vulnerable woman in domestic abuse case

I went to the police to report stalking the police did not care they said well he has not hurt you yet so we can’t do anything. He was arrested and spoken to. Eventually I moved away due to the lack of support but was forced to move back only to find he had been put in prison for stalking underage girls and he was now back out. I was failed by both the police and local authority. I also tried to get a Claire’s law discourse out on a different ex partner and had to go to a different force as my local one refused to help me telling me to just end it if I was worried! That force told them to give me the info eventually I got it but only after me being inconvenienced. Thirdly I had police harass me when suffering with PTSD due to domestic abuse. One officer told me I was a shit magnet for bad men. Another one told me I had called too many times I was wasting their time and money if I called again I would be arrested and sent to prison. Due to all of this I’ve had suicide attempts and now am too scared to leave my house. It’s affected me being able to look after my elderly parents and children. I have no life, live in fear and have nobody to turn to. I do think me having brown skin, being female and mentally unwell is why I am ignored and victim blamed.

Constabulary: Essex Police

Timespan: This year and last year

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: Mixed/Multiple Ethnicity

Have you experienced suicidality due to this? Attempted suicide more than once

Illustration by Danny Noble

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