Betrayed | Trafficked by metropolitan police officer

Though I lived in a nice home in a middle-class area, I was sexually exploited through my childhood by my father, and with my mother’s knowledge. I was trafficked to family members, family friends and acquaintances, and was badly injured at times with no medical attention.

One avenue for exploitation was through a family member who was a serving police officer with the metropolitan police. Through this family member I was trafficked to contacts he had through the police force, with both he and my father profiting from this arrangement. In recent years I made the police aware of the abuse but there was only a limited investigation and no justice.

As a direct result of reporting these abuses to the police, during the investigative process, information I had given to the police was given to the offending police officer (now retired) shortly before the matter was closed. I have since suffered family alienation and online abuse, lost loved ones, and had my integrity discredited. My father also wrote a manuscript about his life which he circulated to multiple members of the paedophile rings I was exploited through. The information contained in this manuscript was an attempt, I believe, to allow them to align their stories. This included a chapter which gave personal details of myself and my children, such as full name and dates of birth, and was nothing short of a very serious threat. I received no support from the police for this, despite them having armed the perpetrators with the knowledge with which to further abuse me. I was left in a much worse position for having reported than if I had stayed silent.

Overall, I was betrayed by my father, betrayed by this family member who used his position as a police officer to abuse me, and betrayed by the justice system. Effectively, there is no police system for violence against women.

Constabulary: Metropolitan Police Service

Timespan: Approximately 4 decades ago

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Illustration by Danny Noble

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