Sarah | Neighbours from hell: Police Officer and his wife

From 2001 to the present myself and my family have been victims of physical assault, harassment, criminal damage, stalking, verbal assault, intimidation and defamation from a now-retired police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) from Thames Valley Police and his wife.
In 2001, a few years after the PC moved in, he remarried. From that moment his wife and himself have caused untold emotional and financial damage to my family. Incidents including reporting my mother to Social Services, the RSPCA, shouting abuse at my mother from their upstairs window, coming around and threatening physical violence, intimidating neighbours and friends of ours, physical assault on myself, stalking myself, my sister and my mother, criminal damage on multiple occasions (also to the neighbour the other side), banging on walls at unsociable hours, filming and photographing me in my garden, attempting to gain access to our computer and more.
All of the above was reported to the police and council when he was both a serving police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) and a retired police officer (redaction made for legal reasons). 
The awful periods were from 2014-2015. This started because he locked his wife out of the house and threatened to physically harm her. At the time, I thought she was in danger of being killed so I rang the police. (Redaction made for legal reasons). From that moment on, our lives as a family were made hell by her and her husband. Police officers including [various ranks] (redaction made for legal reasons) were involved. Nothing was done. We were repeatedly told by the officers investigating that they felt “sorry for him” (the police officer). We were also repeatedly told that his wife kept bringing up the fact my mother was a single mother. We collected evidence as instructed to by the police but it was never good enough. Our neighbours word was also considered more truthful over ours. This period culminated in my mother being served with an ASBO, to which she asked the police to leave her house. We were forced into mediation by the police despite myself being assaulted by his wife. In the end the neighbours backed out.
We had a period of quiet for a few years, but then during lockdown in 2020 it started again with criminal damage, stalking, intimidation and harassment. Again the police were called as a neighbour the other side had also experienced criminal damage. Nothing was done. We installed CCTV to which our neighbours tried to bully and harass us to remove. We did not. Complaints were made by myself and my family against two of them (redaction made for legal reasons). The latter said once again he said he felt sorry for our neighbour, said he was probably sick of it all (what about us?) and that my assault happened “a while ago” so therefore wasn’t important, and he refused to investigate our criminal damage claims. All of this once again culminated in mediation being offered twice; once by the police and once by a private mediation organisation at the suggestion of the police. Both times the neighbours declined. The behaviour has somewhat tempered but the wife of the now-retired police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) continues and he assists her and protects her.
I have absolute no confidence in the police. They protect each other and protect each other’s family. When you report crimes to them they respond as if you must be the problem because you reported the crime. They treated my mother, my sister and I as hysterical women who had an axe to grind. They misrepresented our evidence and statements. They played down my assault. They framed our whole experience as being “tit for tat” or women fighting amongst themselves. They forced us to engage in mediation with someone who is violent and unpredictable. They had no understanding of the law or rather pretended not to have an understanding of it. They protected the police officer (redaction made for legal reasons) and his wife and made us the problem.
We have all had to speak to separate counsellors and therapists to try and learn to cope with them. We are fully aware it is not just us as they do similar things to the neighbour the other side. They have intimidated and spread false and defamatory rumours about our friends and people who have done work for us.

Constabulary: Thames Valley Police

Timespan: 2001-present

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British


Illustration by Danny Noble

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