Risen | Silencing

I was physically attacked by a police officer and falsely convicted. I had been engaging with him but found him to be obnoxious (to say the least). He kept telling me not to swear because it was an ‘arrestable offence’. I had not committed a crime and was not being detained so instead of continuing the conversation, I exercised my human right to walk away from the situation. He grabbed me from behind and placed his arm across my mouth so I couldn’t breathe, and then held me down, grinding my face into the floor. Naturally, as a survivor of other forms of assault, I instinctively defended myself but was charged and convicted of assaulting a police officer. They left out large chunks of my statement in court including those parts that referenced his conduct and the fact that he’d said ‘got you you c^*t’ as my head was being forced into the floor. This experience has created unprecedented stress throughout my life and I have been left with a conviction that is not justified.

Constabulary: Greater Manchester Police

Timespan: A decade ago

Did you report it to the police?: No

Your ethnicity: White British



Illustration by Danny Noble

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