Simone | Over attentive

About 25 years ago I was single and living in a flat on my own. My car was vandalised and I reported it to the police. The officer came round the same day and spent a long time talking to me. He scared me a little by suggesting that the vandalism was targeted at me, which had not occurred to me previously. He left eventually and then phoned me a couple of hours later to see how I was feeling. I said I was Ok. He said he could come round to see me that evening if I wanted. I sensed that this was not right. I said “no”, that I was going over to see my mum. I never heard from him again but I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had been more vulnerable and less emphatic in my refusal. When I talked to a friend about this she told me about her experience of reporting concerns about her husband’s behaviour to the police, being visited by the same policeman several times and then being asked out by him.

Constabulary: Metropolitan Police Service

Timespan: About 25 years ago

Did you report it to the police?: No

Your ethnicity: White British

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Prefer not to say

Illustration by Danny Noble

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