Silverfox | Police Officer [redaction made for legal reasons] said I was setting up my male stalker and fabricating the evidence

A police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] who is still in post, ignored stalking and harassment by two Male neighbours (one heroin addict ex-convict, one mentally ill and violent ) ensuring I continued to be harassed and stalked for a year on each occasion. He falsified charges and records, and lied to a Police investigation into his lack of action. He told my social worker I was “setting the guy up” and had “probably written the [stalker’s love letters] myself”. I had to write to very senior staff to get that stalker arrested. The police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] ignored any logs of crimes I saw actually being committed. He failed to investigate a horrific violent attack on me properly, followed by personal filming and intimidation by my attacker, this meant the attacker walked free from Court. The police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] admitted he didn’t keep me updated about the trial, and I was left uninformed. A local investigation said this was fine and he was not disciplined. The same police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] refused to take a statement when I witnessed a little boy of about 6 yo being seriously assaulted and I called it in.

The police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] is still working, not disciplined or even warned as far as I know, [redaction made for legal reasons]. I have diagnosed PTSD, and the police officer [redaction made for legal reasons] uses it to undermine any log, any evidence, any report of mine, even filmed evidence. To say I was fabricating stalking evidence and “setting up” a man, is just mindblowing. He’s out there right now in charge of a Team of Police. It’s disgusting. Police aren’t fit to investigate themselves.

Constabulary: Devon and Cornwall Police

Timespan: Over the last 8 years

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010? Yes

Illustration by Danny Noble

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