Silenced woman | Psychological brutality

I have been in abusive relationship for years. Forms of abuse were subtle and hard to spot until my ex husband hasn’t adopted my son Then hell started for both of us. My ex husband went so far that he threatened to kill himself if I leave him before I don’t speak to his therapist he agreed to see regarding his abuse…

Therapist did try to gaslight me my ex husband is not acting the way my son and me are experiencing. I have requested end of relationship and reported his abuse to the police in May 2021. Police was rather dismissive so I have applied for NMO myself. It was granted first for me then for my son and myself. This hasn’t stopped the abuse and he continues with post separation abuse without any direct contact including legal abuse,economic abuse,social isolation,smearcmaps and gaslighting.

Police officers do enter the property of my son and myself when called, leave evidence of abuse on the table, go to Police station and fabricate report I am mentally ill suffering with paranoia. This has been going on persistently since July 2022 while psychological evaluation of myself hasn’t confirmed this but recended Fact finding hearing in ongoing proceedings. By July 2023 acceleration of the situation required turning of devices while Police contacted our GP with claims I am mentally ill. Medication for my long term condition was cancelled shortly after and children services and school of my son started to blacmail me infront of my son by October 2023. Police officers who updated them with fabricated stories did advise me to complain about them and make Profesional standards complaint. This was filed in March 2023 following my psychological evaluation but brought just additional traumas of repetitive questioning and closure of case in March 2024 due to it and fact I have to represent our household in ongoing proceedings where I am keep being questioned why Police officers and other profesionals don’t help us.

I do suffer from nightmares about Police officers and other workers while abuse of my ex husband happily continues and my son and myself shake in fear what is going to happen next, who will question us on what and for how long this can continue before it destroy us.

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Timespan: May 2021-February 2024

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