We've Been Let Down

Police Me Too has been set up by a victim/survivor

Other women and girls have been let down, too. By police officers’ responses after reporting the violence and abuse they’ve been subjected to by men. We also recognise that it’s not just the police but also other areas of the criminal justice system that fails women and girls, including the CPS and the judiciary.

So, this page is to hear, acknowledge and amplify those voices.

Trigger Warning for site content

*Please note that stories submitted here are moderated so it could take a little time before we publish them to the site – please bear with us!

Roxy | Accused

I reported domestic abuse when I was nearly strangled to death by my partner, as it was many years after the incident I was asking for the police to keep him away from me, instead they questioned me extensively read all my emails that had been sent to my partner

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