Roxy | Accused

I reported domestic abuse when I was nearly strangled to death by my partner, as it was many years after the incident I was asking for the police to keep him away from me, instead they questioned me extensively read all my emails that had been sent to my partner and in one of my emails I was angry and said a few things I shouldn’t have said to my ex partner but apologised about 5 min later which they also read.

Next thing I know I was arrested and taken to a police cell and questioned where they charged me for an internet violation, I nearly had to go to court but luckily I was spared this but had to be re traumatised by retelling my whole story to a social worker and explaining to her why I had said what I had said on my emails to my ex partner. The police men tried to get me to admit to being a crazy love sick woman with mental health problems, which I was not, I was a woman whom had been physically and mentally abused by my partner whom was supposed to be loving and caring towards me!

The law did not protect me, a young girl with mental health problems whom was being abused but they protected my ex partner whom was an upstanding citizen whom worked as a pilot and whom nearly strangled me to death! This is a huge injustice and I hope to goodness that this man does not go onto causing mental or physical abuse to any other woman in the future!

This experience that I had made me lose all hope in the police services in Scotland.

Constabulary: Police Scotland

Timespan: 4 years ago

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Image by Danny Noble

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