Wheniwasateenager | Unwanted advances from two officers when I was sixteen

I was stopped by the police when I was sixteen and a friend was driving, the police offered to give me a lift home as my friend was arrested. On the trip home they told me how sexy I was and did I want to hook up with them. I turned them down and for the next few weeks one of the officers kept turning up near where I lived and started to hassle me saying he could get me in trouble and I should just hook up with him. One day he tried to grab my boob but luckily we were disturbed. I didn’t want to go to the police about it as it was a police officer doing the harassing.

A year later I was raped and when I reported it, I was told it was my fault because of who I hung around with and that I was probably promiscuous anyway. I didn’t take the rape claim any further as I had no faith.

As an adult of a teenage daughter I have told her not to trust the police and come to me and her dad if anything ever happens to her because they’re not trust worthy.

Constabulary: Greater Manchester Police

Timespan: 1990’s

Did you report it to the police?: Prefer not to say

Your ethnicity: White British

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: No

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010?: No

illustration by Danny Noble

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