Susan | Stalking

It began with sexual harrassment online from an officer I was talking to. After I blocked him, he kept making new profiles and the same pattern of filthy messages would occur. I just kept blocking him figuring he would get bored.

I was wrong, he showed up at my house, started following me around and randomly ringing my phone from different numbers in the middle of the night.

I reported to a [senior rank redacted for legal reasons] after 3 mths, who reassured me he would sort it. He did nothing. I then received messages from the officer in question quoting parts of my police statement.

This continued for a further 9 months, then [redacted for legal reasons] I made a formal complaint to professional standards.

They came back to me on [redacted for legal reasons] with the most bizarre phone call I’ve ever received. I gave them all of my evidence and there was no denial, I was just asked 3 times in a highly aggressive manner ‘why someone would do this?’. Also that if I didn’t provide a shoulder number then no complaint could be processed. I told them to leave it.

Who knows how many other women he is doing this to. Terrifying.

Constabulary: Police Scotland

Timespan: Ongoing

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Attempted suicide once

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010?: No

illustration by Danny Noble

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