Ms E | Wrongful arrest

I was married to an extremely controlling and manipulative person, who is respected in the mental health profession. He called the police after I discovered he was taping our conversation. He was was trying to provoke a reaction. He accused me of attacking him. Which I couldn’t do as I already carrying an injury. The police arrived and immediately believed my ex husband who made up a story about me. I was hysterical. I now know I was in deep shock. I was arrested and removed from my family home in front of my children. In the police car the police man told me he knew my ex- husband. He was very patronising and deeply offensive towards me. I then spent 21 hours in custody. When I was released with no charge, I was told they knew my ex- husband was the perpetrator of the abuse.
It has left me feeling very vulnerable . If I see anything connected to the police I feel very distressed.
I wanted to take it further at the time. However, my solicitor strongly recommended I did not. It would be his word against mine. I still feel sick if I see the police man in my home town.

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Timespan: January 2019

Did you report it to the police?: No

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