Marianne | Reported Domestic Abuse, Now Battling Mulitiple False Crime Records

I have been trapped in 8 years of legal hell and data war with police that has resulted in the police making false and malicious crime reports against me for successfully taking them to court for failing me as a victim of domestic abuse.

This started in 2014 with my reporting my then partner for repeat incidences of abuse and physical assault.

I reported that domestically abusive partner to Nottinghamshire Police on two occasions verbally in 2014, then by formal signed statement in 2015, then by further formal signed statement in 2016. The force threw away my signed statements, under-recorded the first formal report as ‘heated arguments’, and deleted the second formal report. To date there isn’t a single record on the Nottinghamshire Police system of my even physically being in a police station making either of those signed reports, never mind a record of what I was actually reporting.

After making the second signed statement, and again being failed by police in denial of any investigation of the person I’d reported, I moved out of area to Greater Manchester (where I had previously lived) and took a legal action on Nottinghamshire Police force.

Five days before the court hearing of that action in [redacted for legal reasons] 2017, the police station in Nottingham subject of the court action sent my local force in Greater Manchester to harass me at home. I opened my door to two male middle-aged officers. I told them the situation of the legal action, refused to engage with them (they were trying to gain entry to my house and were asking me to sign a notebook in relation to my former abusive partner). I closed the door, they went away.

I immediately contacted Greater Manchester Police 101 number, and asked for the collar numbers and incident number of this police visit. No one could find any record. I was directed to a local police station in my area, phoned that station, and was put through to a [redacted for legal reasons] who stated no record of the visit on his system and he recorded my complaint on the matter. He did not investigate the complaint, and further disclosure in 2019 showed that [redacted for legal reasons] had lied about not having record of those visiting officers. He lied again about the matter, in actual email, in [redacted for legal reasons] 2019. There was, it later transpired, a record of both the officers and the visit.

The [redacted for legal reasons] 2019 contact was as a result of Nottinghamshire Police Crimes Commissioner’s office ordering a ‘welfare visit’, without my knowledge, in response to my raising issue with them on ongoing issues of Nottinghamshire Police deleting my domestic abuse reports and disposing of signed statements. Two male middle-aged Greater Manchester Police officers turned up on my doorstep and wanted to gain entry to my home. I refused, and they became quite aggressive. I started to film the interaction on my phone, which made them more aggressive. One officer shoved my arm, tried to grab my phone, called me ‘sexist’, and proceeded to shout aggressively in my face with his fist balled when I explained the situation with Nottinghamshire Police. His aggression level was escalating significantly whereby he was literally shouting in to my face on the point of assault. I called the police, and asked the police to remove the police from my doorstep! They both left at that point, and the more aggressive of the two turned back to smirk as he walked out of the driveway.

I lodged complaint on this incident with Greater Manchester Police via phone to the local station. The person who took my call was the same [redacted for legal reasons] who took my complaint in 2017. He lied again about having no record of the 2017 visit and (as I later found in data disclosure) recorded on the complaint form that I was a ‘convicted criminal’ (I am not, and have never been convicted of any crime).

In late 2022, via data disclosure from Greater Manchester Police, I found the officers of that [redacted for legal reasons] 2019 visit had recorded an intelligence report against me in retaliation for my raising complaint on their aggression. It recorded that I was anti-police, a domestic abuse perpetrator, and various other lies, and marked the report for circulation to other crime agencies. Further down the line I found officers in the same station had also recorded another 3 false crime allegations against me to justify retention of the intelligence report, and had recorded in a justification form that I was a missing person with 6 ‘care plans’. None of this is true, zero evidence or paperwork exists to back any of this up, and when I asked for these records to be removed Greater Manchester Police simply increased the severity of the false crime reports. These are all serious criminal actions by Greater Manchester Police officers. Any complaint lodged on this has been dismissed by Greater Manchester Police.

I am locked in eternal legal hell because of these false recordings. Greater Manchester Police have held back data disclosure from court, denied access to bodycam footage for over two years, hired a barrister to [redacted for legal reasons] denigrate me as an abuse victim, and still persist in holding malicious false records against my name. None of this is legal for the police to do, all actions count as misfeasance on the part of the police, yet no one seems willing to challenge this police force and it is left for me to try to do that through the court.

No officer has faced any penalty or work disciplinary. I am now probably facing another five years of legal battle to have the false records removed, and doing so in constant fear of more ongoing harassment and abuse from the police. In my experience, the police are simply a collective of violent criminals in uniform that even courts can’t seem to hold to account. This all started with me trusting the police in my reporting of domestic abuse. The police have simply become a prolonged and more severe extension of that abuse.

Constabulary: Greater Manchester Police

Timespan: Ongoing since 2014

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White Minority Ethnic

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Thoughts/feelings

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010?: Yes

illustration by Danny Noble

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