Helen | Odd stop when driving

I was driving back from visiting family, to the flat I was living in at the time (as I was part way through my studies). I was told that I’d been stopped for driving dangerously and needed to show ID. I was asked if I had been drinking. I explained that I hadn’t been anywhere other than late shopping, to avoid traffic. I was told my van was not registered to the area. I explained that it was registered to my father’s address (and provided that address) as that was my main base whilst doing study placements. I was told that the van was not registered to my father’s address, but to an entirely different part of the country (this was not possible/ true). At this point the police officer noticed that I had my phone on, as I had called my father when I was stopped. I explained that my father was listening, as I was unaware of why I’d been stopped. I was then allowed to leave. I’d heard very negative things about the police in the area, and other traffic stops of women. I was glad I safeguarded myself.

Constabulary: N/A or Prefer not to say

Timespan: 2011

Did you report it to the police?: No

Your ethnicity: White British


Illustration by Danny Noble

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