| Bias and victim blaming Met

I was sexually assaulted by a police officer. He told them it was consensual and they failed to check basic facts from his account that would have been impossible and so showed he was clearly lying. They were only concerned with my credibility and, even though more people came forward to make similar complaints, they decided not to proceed with anything. When I tried to make them aware that they had missed stuff they passed it back to the original team who failed to spot their errors and denied any issues. I am still trying to get them to re-open the case. He’s back at work probably sexually assaulting more women now that he knows he can get away with it. The levels of misogyny are so high in the Met that they treat women in the same way as the rapists do – they gaslight and manipulate women at their most vulnerable and think they are above us and we can’t possibly know more than them despite the fact we are the ones who went through the rapes and assaults. They don’t care about changing or improving because they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

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