Anon | Met sexual offences teams that covered up reports

This is about what happens when try and report predatory abuse and hidden corrupt and violent policies used to try stop reporting. My story can be replicated by the thousands. It’s on public record that Met officers from both Southwark and Camden & Islington Sapphire sexual offences team ( SOIT offers) were jailed for corruption about 2016 inc not recording offences or investigating inc where allegations made about predatory NHS staff. I was seriously sexually assaulted as a mental health patient by a crisis worker in my own home where I still live. It’s an additional offence because I was vulnerable and I wouldn’t be able to describe here without breaking down. Reported to NHS staff and records show one of the Met teams above lead officers refused to record as offence because I would be unreliable – went by what the perpetrator was saying. Despite safeguarding investigation stating police needed to investigate. This Met team supposedly disbanded after jail time for lead detective for corruption for exactly same offence. After more support as many reports of the same came out I tried finally to name attacker and just make a formal report even though it’s the Met and no trust exists.

Instead of following the law the Victims Code sets out this Met Sapphire sexual offences team spent 3 1/2 years orchestrating visiting my home over 400 times, often kicking the door in in the guise of a welfare check in order to try victim silence. Repeatedly telling me if i didn’t want them to come I shouldn’t report rape.

Only 3 yrs after they were supposedly disbanded for corruption. Gave me a caution for refusing to leave the doorway of the police station after arrangements for a statement made for the 8th time. Threatened to section me for the same. Physically assaulted me. I reported the lead detective for serious misconduct in public office as this is the Mets own sexual offences team who repeatedly refuse to take reports from vulnerable and disabled women and girls in this area and are involved in covering up . These are grooming offences and several NHS professionals in this one Trust have been struck off. There’s enough out there to join the dots.

Asked it was moved to an outside force 2 yrs ago but this was ignored. 101 said there was a flag on their records to refuse to take a rape report from me.

Took media pressure after a senior Met officer recently said on TV any woman who needs to report should come forward. Gave pre prepared video statement reading from my statement next day and alone because this had made my life hell my family’s life hell and destroyed my life and I just wanted it over. The knock on is so so traumatic trying to report I avoid any healthcare, my home where these incidents happened don’t feel safe and I attempted suicide because of the Mets actions.

The Sapphire team reported for covering up and threatening me is the very team now tasked with investigating.

Took 12 yrs from offence to statement just to be able to report. These are the same sexual offences teams tasked with investigating their OWN colleagues.

Constabulary: Metropolitan Police Service

Timespan: over a decade:

Did you report it to the police?: Yes

Your ethnicity: White British

Have you experienced suicidality due to this?: Attempted suicide more than once

Are you disabled as defined under the Equality Act 2010?: Yes

illustration by Danny Noble

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